The Tiger Bay Club on the Space Coast

   The first Tiger Bay Club was founded in Miami in 1964 as a unique forum for those with a passion for politics. Brevard County leaders started the Space Coast Tiger Bay Club in 1986 to increase awareness and participation in the democratic process.

Founding members included Republicans, Democrats, liberals, and conservatives who had a passion for politics. Space Coast Tiger Bay Club was created to provide a non-partisan forum. Speakers include political candidates, elected officials, opinion makers and "movers and shakers" in our community, state and the nation.  Tiger Bay limited its initial membership to 240, required active member sponsorship, and charged $200 a year dues. As a policy, the club would not endorse any candidate for political office. The Tiger Bay Club also began the practice of candidate forums - today’s “Hob Nob” events.

Florida Today columnist Nick White observed in April, 1986: ". . . this community (Brevard), in comparison to some of the state’s older metropolitan centers, is relatively naïve or disinterested in the nitty-gritty stuff of politics."

That perception led key members of the Brevard community to form the Space Coast Tiger Bay Club using the model of the Miami Tiger Bay Club formed in 1963.

At the Club’s first luncheon meeting, attended by some 240 local business and political leaders at the Cocoa Beach Hilton, Governor Bob Graham spoke. The Governor was a member of the Tallahassee Tiger Bay Club.

The Officers and Board of Directors are proud of their past and are pledged to continue to serve the community by providing "An ongoing forum for civil discourse, sharing community viewpoints, and quality speakers."

Previous Speakers

Vice President George Bush

Senator John McCain

Governor Mitt Romney

Oliver North

Jeanne Kirkpatrick

Jim Morris

Larry Speakes

Edwin Newman

G. Gordon Liddy

Mark Russell

Helen Thomas

Alexander Haig

Nien Cheng

Robert Bork

Gloria Steinem

Vladimir Sakharov

Jack Anderson

The Capital Steps

Irving R. Levine

David Broder

John Dancy

Robert F. Kennedy

Pat Schroeder

Bob Novak

Jeb Bush

Sandra Mortham

Bob Butterworth

Dave Weldon

Bob Graham

Bill Nelson

Connie Mack

Frank Brogan

Janet Reno

Ward Connerly

Toni Jennings

Mel Martinez

Max McClelland

Paul Simon

John McCay

Tom Feeney

Harry Anstead

Admiral Paul Pluta

Jim Kennedy

Tom Reed

Admiral Thad Allen

Brig. General Don Pettit

Previous Tiger Bay panels:

"Free Trade with Cuba"

"Health Care"


"Elder Care"

"Political Journalism"


"Boaters vs Manatees"


About Brevard County:

Brevard County is 72 miles long and 26 1/2 miles wide and has an extremely diverse economy and ecosystem that includes agriculture, military, major corporate headquarters, commercial space, eco-tourism, beaches, a thriving port and cruise terminals, an inlet and a huge array of parks, recreation and tourism venues.

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